January 29, 2016

Got No Type

As a blogger, you need a defining style to stand out. True or False?

Featured Items: 

Sunglasses: Miu Miu (less expensive version here by Jason Wu )
I am in love with Red by Valentino dresses. I got mine full price womp womp, but click on the link above cuz it just went on sale - lucky you!
Faux Fur Bolero by Urban Outfitters. Similar here
Shoes by Miu Miu. Similar here --super cute version! // socks from Urban Outfitters - I've got this thing for sheer color block socks now. 
Me being a sassy diva and what not. Calm down Liz.

Wow. It's like a broken record when I say it's been too long. I've been traveling back and forth between Phnom Penh and LA, really trying to get my shit together & to spend more time with family -- more on that later. Bare with me, my darlings. LA has given me the best opportunities to link up with other bloggers and take this route seriously. A topic that comes up in our discussion is whether it's necessary to keep to one specific style in order to succeed/get more followers in this industry. i.e.  minimal, urban chic, bohemian, vintage to name a few. My side to it is...  NO YOU DO NOT. Dress however way you feel that day and whatever outfit makes you happy, man. I know for some people that means keeping it to one style so that you're defined by it. But really guys, it doesn't have to be that tenacious. I like to be spontaneous with my outfits, and that's why (if you follow my instagram @lizkao) you'll see my style is incredibly eclectic. And that's ok. One day I'll leave the house in glam rock studded leather and another you'll see me in glitter shoes and a baby doll dress. This just makes dressing up more fun, and life should always be fun. 

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