October 16, 2018

FALL FAVORITES | feat. Lilah B.

Or a season more accurately known as "slightly 5 degrees lower" in LA. Fall is a weird but wonderful transitional phase for me. I remember it clearly back when I was living in NYC, the meta changing foliage and a sudden crowd of people in all-black bombarding the subways. LA, it's a little different. But in keeping with this series, I wanted to mention a few things that have been on my on my YES list and radar. A list of products I personally bought, were gifted, or sponsored items I legit fell in love with and improved my quality of life. These eureka moments remind me that I love what I do.

This Fall I've been more in to beauty, skincare, and home products, as I've grown to be very comfortable with staying home all week. Paradoxically, the sheer comfort in knowing I can stay in all day makes me uncomfortable. That's probably not healthy... >.< 

Chanel Le Vernis 

The texture of Chanel's nail polishes is the longest lasting, IMO, compared to other brands I've used (Essie, OPI), and when it's time for a touch up, it flakes off w/o residue. It's also quite easy to remove. Each shade of color is classic in its own right, if that makes sense. I feel like no matter how bold the color is, it still doesn't look cheesy and over the top, no matter the occasion. I thought I'd only be using this faded yellow color for summer, but it works with my transitional fall outfits as well, that lean towards a muted palette. 

Mejuri Rounded Signet Ring

The earrings and ring were gifted, but I couldn't be more happy with the quality of these goodies. The ring retailed for $59. After two month's everyday wear, the 18k gold layering has not budged even after sweaty sauna sessions + countless unnecessary hand lotion applications. Which is rare these days. It's heavy and feels real.

Bialetti Moka Espresso Maker

I think this has been the best purchase I've made this year, all hyperboles aside. I got this off Amazon. for $16, guys. The best $16 I've spent, ever. It's essentially fool-proof, if I can use this... you can use this. All you need is to fill the bottom compartment with water, wait til it boils, and your espresso will start to fill the top compartment with the freshest and most aromatic blend of homemade espresso. #adulting. One brew makes 3 cups. There is also one that makes up to 6 cups. Add some microwaved almond milk, and you've got yourself a latte, ladies + gentlemen. I save the left over ground beans to make a body scrub later. It's a money saver, noting that each time I hit up a Blue Bottle it's $5 for an almond latte. NOTE: make sure you buy beans that aren't too finely grounded, or the espresso won't taste its optimum. I use this one here by Lavazza, cuz I like it as authentic Italian as it comes.

Lesson this month: I need to be smarter with my investments - does this purchase increase productivity, efficiency, or quality of living? I calculate its worth by its longevity, a concept I should also adhere to in all aspects of my life. Who knew a coffee maker could teach me so much and bring value into my life. haha. I've realized I need to be paying more attention to making my home a sanctuary and a place I feel the utmost comfort, since it's where I spend most of my time. 

Lilah B. Cosmetics

I attended an event hosted by friends at Youth to the People, and one of the goody bag sponsors happened to be Lilah B. A good friend of mine, Joelllen, had also mentioned a couple times she was a big fan of this brand. First I'll delve into the branding -- a cosmetic brand that embraces minimalism and the dogma that less is more? I could kick it. Not to mention,  the packaging is by far the best I've seen. Heavy metal pods that slide open in the shape of an artsy polished stone. You know the ones you see on rich peoples' gardens. I guess that makes sense, considering the brand is on the pricier side. The Glisten and Glow retails at $60. But you know what? I think after using this a couple times, I can justify the mark up. The texture is in between a highlighter powder + a cream. It sticks onto my skin all day! That's what I love most about it, I think. It doesn't fade as I sweat and is easily layered. The glow is still apparent after applying a setting powder, a problem I've had with most highlighters on the market. Plus, it looks so cute when I whip in out in an Uber or a cafe to touch up. After a remarkable experience with their signature Glisten + Glow, I had to reach out to their PR team to try out more of their line. They were so sweet and sent over a whole box. I can't wait to show you a natural make up look using these products - stay tuned!

Dosist Pen :: CALM 200 doses

You already know CBD is the best thing that's happened to me in 2018. If you have mild anxiety that inhibits on simple daily tasks like socializing, communicating, the general act of getting shit done, then I relate to you entirely, friend. Instead of the oils, like I've written about in my last list of monthly favorites. I like this portable, inconspicuous pen that vibrates after you've inhaled a full dosage of their designer mix of CBD + THC (for the Calm pen it's a ratio of 10:1 cbd to thc) to give you absolute calmness without the body high. I ABSOLUTELY recommend this brand, Dosist! They have a range of pens that trigger different effects to your body : Arousal, Sleep, Bliss, Relief, and Passion. I purchased this pen at MedMen at $100 in their retail store. I know it's definitely on the pricier side, but worth every penny, at least for me. If you return the pen after you're done it's a $5 off your next one at MedMen. I can really go on and on about CBD, as huge as a proponent I am of the way it's changed my life... I still feel hesitant sharing it with a larger audience (such as on IG) with the stigma and stereotypical, less liberal connotations of it, especially when my social channels are a source of revenue for me. I guess no one really reads blogs any more so here I am boasting it all its glory.

Thanks for taking the time to read another yet long winded post! I'll continually add to this once I can think of more. But these are basically the highlight purchases in the last couple months.