March 8, 2016

Brooklyn Bombshell | How To Look Chic With One Trick

Find out the one important element that makes an outfit super chic....

Beanie from Plush : Similar beanie here
Faux Fur Stole from Zara : Similar here
Leather jacket from Iro : Similar here by Missguided
Boots by Sam Edelman : Similar here / Leather culottes by Zara : Similar here 

After my seven years in NYC, the city itself has inspired me to dress better. Something about the city scape, the pedestrians, the vibrance, the swag. Now that I'm in LA,  there's not a moment when I don't miss it all. The one valuable styling lesson I've picked up as a New Yorker is the importance of an outfit's mix of textures. This I've observed through people watching, urban styling inspired by the different textures of the buildings itself - the gothic and grunge styles of downtown's pre-war buildings to the corporate behemoths in Midtown to the ornate limestone dwellings of the Uptown bourgeoisie. As for this outfit, I was channeling my inner wanna-be Brooklynite.

There's nothing worst than a flat outfit when you're trying to make an impression. Mix 2-3 different types of textures to your outfit and it'll up the ante in aesthetics. Here I mixed leather, faux fur, and a metallic sweater to add more dimension. Ladies & gentlemen, it's as simple as that. Go on, try it. Here are some pretty cool ideas the next time you pick your outfit:

Lace / suede leather / wool
A Sweater (wool or acrylic) with silk bottoms
Velvet & denim
Sleek leather fabrics go with just about anything. 
Silk and neoprene 

Ok, you get the idea :) // Also, check out my newly updated Spring Favorites here!


  1. This is really a good tip, thanks for sharing! And I like your outfit with the different materials a lot <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Thank you so much, that means a lot. Have a beautiful day!!! xoxo

    2. You're welcome <3 Btw, I follow you now on bloglovin. Maybe you want to follow back :)

  2. What a chic look! Love the way you played with different textures!

    1. I def needed more layers for the sub zero weather in NYC! Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day! xoxo