June 28, 2013

Summer Denim Series (Part 1: The Boyfriend Jeans)

I know, I know... Not another "how to pick the right pair of jeans" mumbo jumbo... Well, denim is EVERYWHERE this season, more than it's ever been --denim vests, shirts, jackets, overalls, hats, backpacks... you name it. Not to jump on the bandwagon --I feel only right to show my beloved readers how to pull off the blogger hyped Boyfriend Jeans a.k.a. the jeans every boyfriend hates. The interesting choice in name, I'm hypothesizing, might have derived from a series of events involving a very much intoxicated famous person and her inability to find her own pants, thereby having to do the walk of shame in her "man friend's" pants. What a hot mess. But she looks so damn cool. Voila... you've got yourself a trend. Unless you're 5'10''+ and stick thin, these jeans (sadly) only live up to its chicness when worn with heels. I like mine super shredded so it's got some texture and doesn't look like my legs are drowning in denim overload. Go one or two sizes up max. depending on the look you're going for. A belt is a must --make sure to use a thicker one. Show some ankles, and keep the top very simple.

Hope this helps!

Stayed tuned for more denim tips on next week's post! :)
Boyfriend Jeans: Levi's // Top: Mango // Belt: Madewell // Clutch: Alexander Wang // Necklace: vintage shop in Soho // Heels: Pour La Victoire // White Leather cap: Amazon

Pictures by Amanda Bohorquez (Check out her work HERE) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Other pretty cool boyfriend jeans:

1- 1969 Gap ($69.95)  2- Rag & Bone ($220) 3- Joe's Jeans ($147) 4- Topshop Moto ($84) 5- Nasty Gal ($78)



  1. Hi! Awesome blog! Found you from your poshmark closet. =]

    I also left you some comments on there. Please let me know what you think when you get a chance!
    Thank you!

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