Hello, World! 

First of all, thanks so much for visiting my blog! I first started this blog in 2012 as an artistic outlet for my incredibly mundane internship at a New York fashion firm. I wanted fashion to be a tad bit more interesting than sitting in front of a computer and fetching coffee, so I started my own little diary of sorts where I can just write and do whatever. It's become my little baby now. This blog has done so much for me, gotten me so many opportunities, and it helps me stay focused & engaged in the industry I love most. The excitement it brings me to do these posts is can't be expressed enough, I really hope you all enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy creating them. I know I got in and out of momentum. Getting caught up in life has me posting sporadically and I wish I could always stay motivated creatively but ... presumptions aside, I believe this is a problem all creatives go through. Anways, thank you for dropping by!! Here are some FAQ I've received over the years:

Where are you from & where is Urban Betsy based?
I was born in California, but raised in my motherland, Cambodia. Such a beautiful country, I recommend you go sometime in your life! Urban Betsy started in New York City, during my college days. The blog actually got me a job at an amazing fashion company in LA late 2014. I'm now freelancing and working on this job fulltime! ... seriously a dream come true.

How did you come up with the name "Urban Betsy"?
I wanted this blog to be urban, and capture some of the street aesthetics gentrification brings - it's beautiful (not gentrification, but you know... streetwear). A surrounding really affects the way someone dresses. I grew up in cities all my life; therefore it was only natural. And Betsy is a obsolete shorter version of my full name, Elizabeth.

What do you want to be do in the future?
Well, I get this question mostly from my family members (aka, my mother, my madre, Mommy dearest). I eventually want to have my own company in Los Angeles, related to fashion of course. A place I can really utilize my background in marketing and social media communications. Who knows? Maybe my own label someday? I'm constantly learning more and more about myself, and finding new passions. So it's a tough question. It's no doubt I'll continue blogging here for as long as these fingers can type, and clothes can fit this body.

Where do you get your clothes from?
Cool boutiques I find when I'm traveling. Showrooms. Brand gifting. Sponsored posts. Everywhere!! :)

What does it take to manage or start a blog?
If someone tells you they leisurely blog, they are lying. There's a lot to blogging, and extremely time consuming. It's fun, but you really have to have the passion. For me, it's cathartic, and therefore makes it truly worth the time. All that said, I strongly encourage people to start one - it's always a good idea to put yourself out there, you may never know what becomes of it. Read up on how I started my journey here: The Business of Blogging 


Yours truly,