June 14, 2016

Rocco & DTLA Loft Tour

Step into my DTLA loft, guys & meet Rocco!

These past couple of months has been such a ride! I went on a little digital detox to rid my conscience of all the clusterfuck that is social media. Social media can do wonders, but everything in moderation, amiright? The simple ease of being able to log off, put down the phone, and focus on real life/real people made me a much better person to be around, one might even add .... an even better listener. Sometimes it's nice when people can see your face and not the back of your phone.

In all positivity, I moved into my own loft in Downtown LA early April! It feels like an authentic artist loft, one that I've always wanted to live in- concrete floors, all white walls, old industrial windows, and marble hallways. The best part is the alcove layout where my bed is separated from the rest of loft, I love it when my bed doesn't smell like whatever I was cooking the other night. Seriously a luxury when living in an open floor layout. Outside my window, you can see old gothic bank buildings to the right, and to the left, there's a glimpse of DTLA's skyline. I kept the color palette very neutral and warm, just how I like to feel. 

Living alone has its learning curves. While I've noticed myself talking aloud to virtually no one, I've begun to realize how much I've taken for granted the company of others. It's made me cherish making time for my friends & loved ones. Fast forward two months... I truly enjoy living alone. There's more I'm learning about myself and it's a great way to pretend to be a grown up. Two months of complete solitude I realized there was something really missing from my life. Someone or something that would make my life complete.... maybe a little furry friend even. So I hit up NKLA (No Kill LA) to adopt the new member of my family, Rockefeller aka, Rocco. (Please stay tuned to this blog to read up more about my adoption process and how Rocco was able to adjust to me!) Trust me you guys, adopting is the way to go. NEVER BUY. It's the best thing I've ever done... to give anyone a second chance at life. #adoptdontshop

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