September 13, 2018

Bag Up the Groceries | w/ Rebag

Today's consumerism is such interesting social behavior. With more & more disposable income that comes with our generation, marketing in general has been skewed towards a hoarding way of living. Do we really need this? What value does this item bring into our lives? Is it for the sake of aesthetics or does it just look good on instagram? How do we treat our processions reflects the process by which we acquire it. With anything Chanel, all of these questions... become, well... irrelevant, because... c'mon do I need an explanation? Um, it's Chanel? Haha, did you think I was going into another one of my existential rants? I spare you, I spare you.

As I become a more informed consumer, being more conscientious about my buying habits and how it affects others & the environment around me... I've been learning the craft of vintage shopping. Blessed I am to be in the epicenter of it all - Los Angeles. The somewhat reassuring idea of its sustainability allows me to feel like I'm somewhat decreasing my eco footprint while also quenching my shopping addiction. To be honest, I haven't gone shopping in awhile ... because #adulting? I feel kinda good about that.

REBAG sent me over this BEAUTIFUL pigmented hot pink leather mini CC bag, which to be honest doesn't fit much other than my ID and some credit cards. But who really cares, it's cute. Rebag is a site like Tradesy & The Real Real that sells off vintage and fashion designer handbags at a consignment retail structure. I love browsing through their color coordinated and thoroughly organized site - like a kid in a virtual candy store. I feel like the pricing is also reasonable compared to sites like eBay & The Real Real, both of which I use ad nauseum. This one particular beauty they sent me retailed at $2320, and it was in pristine condition. I was pretty impressed.

Ok you got that Amex Black CC? I got that Pink mini CC. 

Bag: Chanel via Rebag
Top: I AM GIA bodysuit
Pants: Greyhound Originals (bought in Bangkok)
Boots: Clarks (similar here)

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