June 25, 2013

Suburban Betsy

A trip to the Hamptons in the summer is a must if you're a New Yorker -- I've completed my rite of passage this weekend. Instead of doing a typical beach shot, I stumbled upon this beautiful garden right in the middle of the Westhamptons. The garden's resemblance to that of the gables depicted in one of my favorite books as a kid, Anne of the Green Gables, is uncanny! I couldn't help but soak in the flashbacks --the cute verandas, perfectly cut grass, freely growing trees and ivy looked too surreal. Gone were the constantly ringing phones, honking cars, speed walking pedestrians... The grass was definitely greener here. The way these Hampton-ites dressed couldn't be more of a foil to the typical NYer. Flowy and loose, preppy, lots of color color color (oh and suede loafers). Think a concoction of Malibu and Harvard. 

In a town of Bergdorfs and Saks frequents, I attempted to fit in ... but for less. Cheers to Zara. 

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Dress: Zara // Heels: Zara // Hat: Rachel Zoe // Bangles: Kenneth J. Lane // Ring: YSL // Earrings: CC Skye // Shades: RayBan 

Photos by Michael Ha 

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