July 23, 2015

White Out

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It's been horridly scorching in LA, and shockingly humid (which is so not West Coast). My hair is as nappy as ever, that no amount of Moroccan oil can remedy. I've always dug the whole all-white outfits that donned my instagram feed, but can never really find the right ensemble that isn't too boring. So playing with different textures made it a little more fun for me -- a speck of mesh here mixed with some crochet there. Can we talk about how obsessed i am with Zara's elaborate offerings of pretty culottes? What a perfect way to end the summer.

If you guys haven't already checked out this RAD startup that sends you new jewelry every month, check it RN. It's like Rent the Runway for your sparkly pleasure. GO ahead, your first month is free when you use the code above. It's so easy peasy. My dangly earrings are from Anuja Tolia, helix ring from Sophie Harper, and my necklace is from Gorjana - all sent to my doorstep from my personal stylist at Rocksbox.

PS > I'm getting my ear cartilage pierced tomorrow, so wish me luck, eek! xo

Top: Nightwalker / Culottes: Zara / Shoes: Asos / Shades: Miu Miu / Backpack: Gucci


  1. Don't even worry about the cartilage! Was such an easy piercing for me. I am loving the top here, how the mesh is white with the black underneath. It also is letting you show skin and keep it classy. So beautiful!


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  3. OMG I love your outfit!!


  4. I love mesh, especially in the summer when it's super hot. It's the perfect way to be covered up, but not really.

    Mercedes Marie

    1. Haha yes! Like an elusive sexiness! Love that mesh! xoxo