September 13, 2017

Good Timing :: Paul Hewitt

#sponsored by Paul Hewitt

I couldn't be more excited to be collaborating with Paul Hewitt on their latest marble face, Mermaid collection. Check them out here.

Time is such a weird concept. Slow down, go faster, stand still ... it seems we are expected to dictate so much of our life to this constant. I, myself, have been so used to the idea of comparing my progress to society's norms & expectations of time - or schedules so to speak. When are we expected to make a certain pay check? Buy a house? Get married? Have kids? How does one keep up? Am I not successful because I haven't accomplished these yet?

My point here is that maybe it's more productive to spend less thought on setting time frames based on what we're supposed to do... but create our own & not be bothered by milestones; we really don't have to constrain ourselves into these figurative boxes. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, nights, years.... they are all subjective. Make it yours. Everything in due time.

I love the minimal design on this watch from Paul Hewitt. My style is completely versatile so it's hard to find an everyday watch that can accompany all my looks. I'm wearing the Marble Stainless Steel in Black Leather.

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