October 17, 2017


Or nah? Over the course of my fashion career (?) I've always been intrigued by the phenomena that is streetwear. How does one conjure all this hype? What makes it cool? I watched Complex's documentary on Supreme - a legend of all things hype - over the weekend to really delve deep into the psyche of fanatics that are more than willing to line up overnight sometimes even days. After careful deduction, I realize that just like any business model - it's a demand and supply game. Limit your goods and spread that word of mouth. The more customers yearn, the more emotional attachment you have with the brand. The anxiety is real guys... I gotta have my 'PREMEZ.

Pants from Wasteland LA
Shoes from Kenzo
Velvet jacket from Mango
Fanny Pack from Supreme 
Sunglasses from RayBan

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