February 17, 2018

Aura Mugler #ad

There are few more powerful things in this world than a woman’s instinct. A sensual bond to the Earth, its rhythms & frequencies. An unchallenged fierceness. #ListentoYourInstinct #AuraMugler #ad

Stephen & I filmed this in a tiny tea house airbnb in Malibu and loved the scenic hike towards the ocean. I envisioned this to be the perfect setting to elaborate on the scent of Theirry Mugler's new fragrance line, Aura. A scent that is formulated to represent a woman's natural, powerful instinct. I've always found perfume ads in general to be somewhat on the tackier, obnoxious side, almost always using a woman's sexiness as a selling point. I didn't want this collaboration to be like a perfume ad per se, but to create a sense of branding that is more authentic and real.

Also - in conjunction to this, we're giving away one bottle of this emerald, heart shaped perfume with your name engraved on it. ENTER HERE! Give away ends Feb/21. Good luck! 

Dress: Alexander Wang
Bag: Supreme
Hat: GreyHound Originals

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