February 13, 2018

I Want It That Way - Era of Customization with Shoes of Prey #Sponsored

Mass production has been the epitome of our current fashion market. It's been a decade of pushing items towards consumers, and less the other way around. The people have spoken and today we're seeing a new era of customization and personalization. 

If you're active on Instagram, you might have heard of the brand The Frilly circulating around your algorithm at some point, or even Fame & Partners that center their entire brand identity around tailoring your own fit and style with seasonal silhouettes.

I had so much fun creating these one of a kind lace up booties on ShoesofPrey.com . I was able to get the exact boots I was looking for all over for fall/winter. First, I choose from the array of silhouettes for boots (you have the option of customizing flats, sandals, mules, heels, and even sneakers)  ... A blank slate to create your very own artwork. What's also cool is that you get the option of making your shoes in authentic leather or vegan leather. The boots that I'm wearing is the Halsey.

Keep in mind to check the turn around time on the shoes on the bottom of the right panel, it took around 2 weeks for mine. But it might vary with each design. I hope you have fun with this! I sure did. The quality of the shoe with the amount of time it took to arrive really impressed me! 

I've been looking for a metallic bootie for awhile now, but one that isn't too ostentatious, I got the perfect bronze shimmer with this customization with a standout slim heel in red embossed leather. 
You can also add your personal inscription on the inside sole lining -- enter the code LIZKAO for a free inscription ($49 value). 

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