June 4, 2018

Let Your Lips Speak for You | w/ Clarins #ad

One of the ways I love expressing how I feel is through my lip color... Read more on how I use Clarins Lip Stains to show my sweeter side vs. my sassy side. Which of these looks are you digging?  

Make up doesn't have to change the way you look, but rather accentuate all the diverse characteristics we embody.

Clarins Instant Light Comfort Oil (I'm wearing the shade "Candy") has a glossy, every so slightly tinted shine that keeps you looking more on the natural side. I used this shade for a dreamier, romantic, ombre look. I noticed that this Lip Oil also adds a plumping effect #winning! I was in the desert in Palm Springs when I filmed this super fun video. And while my lips peel & chap almost always when I'm out there, this lip oil did its job and gave it a hydration boost I did not expect. 

For the look, I layered the color on a few times to achieve a rosier tint.  But if you really want a barely-there color, I suggest applying one layer only. I topped the look off with a very light pink lip liner. 

The Clarins Water Lip Stain is truly a reliable friend for those late nights when you don't want to bring your lipstick in your bag. To achieve a dynamic look, I applied 3-4 layers - it gets bolder and bolder each application. TBH the BEST thing about this Lip Stain is that it is non-transferable. ie, after eating a huge bowl of nachos & getting cheddar cheese all over - the color was still as vibrant - no cracks, no fades. I know lip stains have been around for awhile but I have never tried any until now. I don't even know if it's possible for me to use lip sticks or creams anymore after feeling how light and long lasting this stain is. 

The shade I'm using for this sassier look is in Rose Water. I used a bright red lip liner to keep the color in place throughout the night. 

Ok -- so which look are you feeling more? 

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