June 15, 2018

How to Revive Your Hair Back to Life After Bleaching


If you haven't been following me, then I'd like to thank you for somehow stumbling upon my blog by some random chance. OK story time so... five months ago I was platinum blonde thanks to my hairstylist who did an amazing job - ever so meticulously taking into consideration the health of my hair through out the triple process (added up to about 15 hours on the chair). THEN I WENT AND DID SOMETHING STUPID OF COURSE after having enjoyed a solid two months with gorgeous blonde locks. This tends to be the common thread through out my life. 

I was desperate for a touch up when I was back home in Cambodia, and instead of waiting to get to LA for Jess to fix it.... I WENT TO A RANDOM SALON that was highly suggested by "my friend". Of course it wasn't her fault, and I won't place blame on her, more so rather my lack of due diligence altogether. It was labeled a "Tony & Guy", later realizing because it's a renowned name of course, the licensing by which a business can become an extension of that entity is seemingly not that difficult... WTF. WHO KNEW. Apparently a lot of people. 

The guy that worked on my hair asked me a few questions about my current color, albeit we were both extremely far lost in translation - he had just moved to Phnom Penh from Tokyo. I told him I wanted my roots touched, and the last time I was at the salon was around 2 months ago (with roots longer than anyone should ever go with Asian hair & triple bleached hair). I saw in the chair for 4 hours while we did a double process to get the black roots identical to the ends. When he lifted the wrap from my head, revealing the final color... I was ecstatic. The color was perfect. This elated state of emotion was cut short very quickly when he started to comb my hair. HUGE chunks of my hair fell off after each stroke of the fucking wrist. I THOUGHT I WAS GOING BALD. In this moment, I realized how CALM of a person I am. I DID not cry or freak out, I just waited. and waited. and waited as more chunks left my head. He told me I wasn't going bald, but the parts of my already bleached hair couldn't stand any more bleach,... so there was heavy breakage. I was left with half my hair gone.... chunks of flimsy baby hairs everywhere.

When my mom came to pick me up, she screamed at the hair stylist and was way more angry than I was. Her being the emotional care taker, as any Mom would react, seeing a pile of my blonde hair on the floor, and more hair falling off wrapped along my fingers as I ran my hands through my hair. It was a nightmare, but for some odd reason... I was so calm. I knew it was my fault. I should have known to make sure he never overlapped my already processed hair with the new mix of bleach. ROOKIE MISTAKE AF.  So that's my story. Tell me yours, hopefully you don't have one.


The baby hairs are beginning to grow out to the point where they don't perk up and make it look like that zombie emoji no one ever uses. Anyways, I'm not going to lie... it's made me super self conscious when I go out. Thank goodness I have really thick jungle asian hair, if it wasn't for that..... this uneven textured bob would been evident. Jess and Colleen did such a great job last week with my hair -- dying it to a natural cooler tone brown I wanted and chopping off all my dead/split hairs. It's felt the best in months and I thank these two babes for their work and honestly in getting my hair back in shape. The elasticity and overall health of my hair right now is at about 8/10, but it's slowly growing stronger. It's been a lot of trial and error with products and a mild lifestyle change... but here are a few tips I have in my pocket... Hopefully they will give you an idea if you went thru the same trauma I did, perhaps not have handled it with as much passive aggression lol.

1- I don't ever tie my hair with a hair tie. I use the INVISIBOBBLE cord ties from Sephora. These hair ties do not create friction against your strands and hold them in place without binding/tugging on your hair. These are great for holding your hair in place at the gym as well.

2- Shampoo once a week only. This is a huge lifestyle change, as I have a very dry scalp and I do not like dry shampoo. It really does help in allowing your hair time to soak up its natural oils and decreases the exposure to any more chemicals your hair doesn't need.

3- Hair masks are your friends. I love love love It's a 10 miracle mask. I used it 3 times a week, so far for the last three weeks. It's a bit on the pricier end, but trust me it's worth it if you put in the time.

4- I take pre-Natal vitamins to get in extra folic acid + Biotin -- this is a winner. A friend told me about this. I got a bottle off Amazon last month. Take it everyday. It'll help with your overall hair rejuvenation + makes your hair grow much faster. Another perk: it'll also help your brows and eyelashes grow too. It's the only vitamin I take throughout the day, I feel like everything I need is packed in there.

5- I use wide teeth comb , and brush very softly. Any pressure on the comb, my hair will break.

6 - I always use a hair oil serum. This one from Kiehl's has been wonderful, but honestly any argan oil you find on Amazon will also do the trick, maybe even better.

7- Virgin Coconut Oil Masks (any Coconut oil off Amazon works) I used this one. Sleeping with this on is really uncomfortable, but it's gotta be done. I honestly did this twice only because I'm a lazy shit. Both times I lather it on my towel dried hair overnight, I woke up with super soft hair after rinsing.

8- I get a trim every 2 months. I feel like it would be better to do this every 8 weeks or so, but you know... haircuts are $$$$. so yeah.

9- Leave your hair alone. Don't put any other gook or chemicals. Your hair is part of your body, love it as well. I know there have been a handful of times that I've neglected it, including this huge incident. This whole ordeal really made me realize how fucking lazy I am at doing the research and just being more careful whenever I put anything on my body. I've learned to look at the ingredient label to see if my hair can handle the product + think twice before putting it in any stress.

10- Almost as importantly as any thing else on this list -- DRINK LOTS OF WATER EVERYDAY. It's true what they say.

SORRY this was such a long post -- I had a lot to say hehe

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