June 20, 2018

MeaningFULL :: Socially Jaded


Dont mind my scantily import model pose, not really helping with the asian stereotype to be honest.  

In this digital space, there's so much noise... As content creators, how do we manage to uphold integrity all the while producing authentic material at the expense of making some money? While I don't know the entire answer to this colossal question, 2018 has me pushing better content for you guys. I think it's pretty much our responsibility at the end of the day to add meaning into everything we do (we as in, any one of us). Any other way is a result of laziness and not trying hard enough to know who we really are or what makes us valuable to our peers -- in other words, making ourselves less noisy. I've been guilty of this many times tbh.

Far fetched... there's gotta be a way for us to differentiate ourselves from robots. I mean, do you follow Lil Miquela on social media? There's a dude behind a computer whose female, albeit very well dressed one, internet alias has gotten over a million followers. Yet, there are humans out there with real, personal experiences to share and talk about.

It's scary how jaded a lot of social media users have become. Again, I'm NO exception to that. There are days when I turn to social media to turn my mind off. Which is counter intuitive at the end of the day. It's just easier to be magnetized by pretty pictures, rather by meaningful, useful 'content'. Which makes me believe in the power of Instagram's new algorithm. While a lot of us bloggers are worried about our engagement in terms of percentages and numbers blah blah blah... I really do have faith in the algorithm -- in spite of the many (many) changes that are still needed to be made to it. It's a challenge to really see what's captivating this new generation's conversation and attention.

I want to, maybe too naively, believe that one day it could help steer us towards putting more effort in making content that's less noisy. Or maybe the exact opposite could also happen. Who knows. I believe in humanity, a world where we won't crash and burn as a result of our own narcissistic vices. As a whole, we're getting a hang of this whole social media thing. I see more and more young kids being woke af, a huge shift from the excitement we first experienced when Instagram launched which prompted us to just unload/dump pictures and videos for the world to see for the first time. I envision a future where there is an art and carefulness with all this, a well-crafted social presence from the younger generation. For instance, what we are seeing with the almost-genocidal separation of families at our own border.... A huge IG outcry led to a change and a win for humanity. 

Also -- FUCK TRUMP. 

Pants by Ji Oh
Sneakers by Adidas 


  1. I hear you. I actually am one to appreciate meaningful content more than photos. IG has totally changed the view of social media.