July 25, 2018

July '18 Favorites | Feat. Outdoor Voices

As I strive to become a more "informed" consumer, here are my favorite purchases these past couple months. 

Jumpsuit: Tiger Mist 

I'm going to try my best to continue this monthly list of favorites. This past month, I started this new thing where I ask myself a series of questions before buying it, in the hopes of decluttering my life.

1- is this something I really need?
2- is this something that will bring value to my life?
3- is it worth the money?
4- why do I need to buy this?
5- what is the resell value on this piece? (I'm trying to be better at Depop-ing)

I know this sounds incredibly intense. However, I feel like at this age, the things that I bring into my house need to have some sort of value in my life. Otherwise, it's just instant gratification and gets lost in the mix - then sucked into the abyss known as my closet. But here are a few items this summer that bypassed the muti-level interrogation:

Outdoor Voices 

I know I'm following the hype on this one though mine were gifted, hashtag blessed. With all good reason however... The color ways and pantones of this label makes it entirely refreshing already. I already have the Tri-Tone Leggings, The Venus Crop Top, The Warm Up Shorts, and The Athena Crop Top in my arsenal -- I'm really eyeing the ever popular Springs Leggings, I'm just waiting for that loud color way you guys know I've been into. The material is breathable, and the compression is great when you are moving fast. Being an athleisure enthusiast, the pieces are easily morphed into a stylish outfit, especially the Athena Crop. I just got the OV Warm Up shorts in the mail, and the length is perfect for that street "biker" shorts look. I have been on the prowl for an affordable one for so long. Along with this purchase, I bought into their marketing as well. The simplicity and approachability of Outdoor Voices is refreshing amongst other active wear that emphasizes the need to win, be better, or perform better. But why can't we just be, and no matter how immeasurable, just by #DoingThings we can still stay in shape.

wearing Outdoor Voices Athena Crop top / Warm UP shorts in Charcoal 
Tri-Color Leggings + Venus Crop Top

Tiger Mist Jumpsuit

(Pictured above) From the makers of the insta-famous brand IAMGIA, Tiger Mist is an Aussie brand that gives us affordable girly + streetwear pieces. It's got a cool girl 90s aesthetics that gives me Tumblr nostalgia. I have been looking for an affordable boiler suit that I could wear for Fall and Summer and won't break the bank. This one I got here was around $80 and I was thoroughly impressed by quality of the material. I might have to reinforce some of the buttons, but overall (no pun intended) I can see myself transitioning to to a winter outfit (well, winter in California that is).

Dermalogica Bio Lumin-C Serum

I am genuinely impressed by anything Dermalogica launches. Something about their transparent production and research behind each product gives me assurance and a level of certainty most brands aren't able to convey. I've used this Vitamin C serum for around 2 months now and have seen a drastic change in the brightness of my skin. My acne scars are still there faintly if you look closely, but it's getting so much better than before when I didn't integrate any vitamin C regimen for my skin.  I've also found that lactic acid also helps me break out less and invigorates the overall texture of my skin. I use this serum day + night.

Glossier Lash Slick + Acne Solution

Throughout my entire life, I've used around 30 different types of mascaras to put it conservatively. THIS IS BY FAR MY FAVORITE. WOULD I STILL BE SAYING THE SAME THING IF THERE WASN'T A GLOSSIER NAME SLAPPED ON IT? PROBABLY NOT? Mostly because the product would have been drowned in the noise amongst all multi-billion dollar beauty brands with me. With Glossier, each product launch comes with eyes and ears. I am totally drinking the Kool-Aid sometimes, but this Lash Slick doee- it is everything I've ever hoped for in a Mascara - it's not goopy, it's waterproof without the difficulty of removing it at the end of the day, it's lengthening with the little fibers that stick to the ends to give it density and height, and it doesn't smear after a long day's wear, although sometimes the fibers fall onto your face, but easily removable with a quick swipe of a finger.

The Glossier Acne Solution takes some time to see results, but the results are proven. After 3 weeks of using this for my backne (no shame here), I see a HUGE difference. Some scaring is still prevalent, but breakouts have been rare so far (even during PMS) - that's where I break out the most. The applicator is genius too. NO product goes to waste. There's a reason this baby's been sold out for awhile.

Le Labo Bergamote 22

I use nothing else but this when it comes to fragrances, it's like summer + spring in a bottle. I love how each bottle is handmade (at least in stores). Le Labo seems like such a genuine brand, stripping all the bullshit lingo and just giving you fine products. That's what really speaks to me. The smell of Bergamote transports me to like this summer time vibe in a French countryside, sipping tea overlooking the lavender fields far off into the horizon - fresh linens flowing softly like windsails on a calm ocean.


How godsend this product is. It has so many uses; it blows my mind I didn't know about this sooner (I was always into CBD drinks). I gave Rocco 5-6 drops for the 4th of July (fireworks freaks the shit out of him every year). One year, I came home and couldn't find him anywhere. Almost to the point of tears, I heard him rambling about, curled in a ball in the corner of my closet. It wasn't until Stephen had suggested looking into giving our CBD oil to him that was a game changer. He knocked the eff out and was on cruise control through out the night. As for myself, days when I'm feeling super tense (biting my nails, or biting my cheeks, lips, forgetting to breathe, etc.),  those days are rare nowadays, but when it happens... CBD is a great relaxer w/o the drowsiness. I would suggest a couple drops first to see how your body handles the effects, then gradually ease your way in. Mine is a 10mg bottle and I use around 5-6 drops each dosage. It's great for those restless nights as well.

Chlorophyll Supplement

I add around 10 drops for a liter of water (around a week before my period). Does the name give you flashbacks to Biology class where you had to memorize the entire process of photosynthesis?  The same way it provides rejuvenation and life to plants, it has the same capabilities to some of your body parts. It's full of antioxidants and therapeutic agents that help stimulate your immune system, eliminate fungus, detoxify your blood, clean your intestines, get rid of bad bodily odors, and energize your body. The latter is the main reason I had to incorporate this supplement when I go through strenuous bouts of PMS a week before menstruation. It's physically taxing and harrowing.

Youth to the People Adaptogen Moisturizer

This is a new brand that has been on my radar for quite some time, and I'm super excited to share it with you all. Youth to the People focuses on super foods that has healing powers for your skin as well. Simple as that - ingredients like Ashwaganda + Kale + Spirulina + Goji Berries + Prickly Pear. No I'm not ordering a smoothie right now. I love their entire concept of harvesting their ingredients from the Earth and striping all the marketing language down to create a range of easy to understand products. So far, I'm using their Adaptogen Moisturizer along with the Kale eyecream.

Kiehl's Aloe Moisturizing Mask

I use this during really low humidity levels or when I'm out in Palm Springs a lot, which Stephen and I have been for work. Lather a thin layer onto your face and leave it on for 5 minutes or even 10 when it's bad, and wait for the magic to unfold instantaneously. I love how bouncy it makes my skin feel, and the cooling effect is a solid win, too.

Disposable Film Cameras + Instax Instant Cameras

Milk Sun Tint w/ SPF

I love how light this tinted moisturizer is! I have never been able to find one that doesn't clog my pores at the end of the day and this one is a winner. So far so good this summer. (shown in color "Honey") If I want more coverage for a day to night look - I just layer a translucent powder on top and spritz some mist on to create a dewy look.

Away Luggage 

Jumped on the bandwagon with this one, and I couldn't be happier. The lifetime warranty got me. I don't think there's more I need to say about that. Also this large size carry on retailed at $495. It's still in pristine condition after Barcelona and multiple trips to San Francisco + Palm Springs. It comes with a portable charger so you don't need to worry about phone juice when an outlet is nowhere in sight. I would say Efficiency Committee approved 100%. The ROI on this is above par.

Imperfect Produce

My first order arrives today and I'm excited to try this out. The concept sold me right away. Have you ever thought about what happens to the ugly fruits that don't make it to the grocery shelves? Neither did I. Usually it's thrown out. So imagine all the produce that gets trashed all because it doesn't fit into their respective stereotypical food body aesthetics? How fascist, ruthless, and wasteful. OK so, you place an order online and it ships to your house based on your zip code and their delivery schedules. It took around a week for my box to arrive (a box that feeds 2-4 people at $29.00). Free delivery for first time users. It's genius and eco-sustainable. I don't know why no one has ever told me about this before. Updates on this soon! 

Olaplex No.3

Ya'll already know the condition of my hair - it's borderline dead and dried. I've begun to finally listen to the hair gods (Jess and Colleen from Bejamin Salon in Weho) to incorporate Olaplex into my hair regimen. It's only been a few weeks, but the texture is a little bit softer and my hair is retaining moisture and the natural oils I put on it much better.


  1. Love the color of that Outdoor Voices set!


    1. I feel like they get the colors right every season. thanks for reading, Meredith! <3