August 8, 2018

Desert Rat | Palm Springs in Outdoor Voices

You already know how much I love active wear - I've fully assimilated into the American culture of wearing Yoga pants out to work, get some fro-yo on a sunny day, grab a six pack for a bbq, and perhaps even ponder on the idea of lobbying my republican white propograndist ideals to the masses. I kid. But I've accepted my fate and for as long as I could hold out, the comfort and agility is unmatched by any other article of clothing I own. Naturally, being on social media...  I was thoroughly refreshed at the idea of a active wear company that doesn't sell on the idea of "winning", but rather by the passive idea of just #DoingThings. I was sold.

I have on the Venus Crop Top + Tri-tone leggings in a forest green and peppermint color.

It was a sweltering 110 degrees out in Palm Springs when I attempted to go outside and disconnect mentally. Instead, my system was overheated, but all was not lost. At least we got some other worldly pictures that appropriately matched my Outdoor Voices set. A city dweller at heart, but having grown up in a developing country where the rustic countryside is innately a part of me - I find the need to indulge in nature from time to time. Palm Springs, in my opinion, never gets old. Despite the scorching hot summer months - the hike and endless mountains set against pastel skies only reimagined most accurately through a painter's dream. Unlike LA, I love that the hikes are untouched by man.

If you're ever in the area - please go check out Indian Canyon - there are various levels of hikes so choose accordingly. The palm tree lined hikes and granite boulders encapsulate the sediments from however many thousands of years ago. Nothing short from a scene in Jurassic Park. Of course, sans Dinosaurs.

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