May 3, 2013

Cobblestones Won't Break My Bones

The Big Apple. The Capital of the World. The Concrete Jungle. The City That Never Sleeps. New York fucking City.

Lots of people have asked me why I’ve chosen New York City of all places in the world… I start off with a quote from Hannah on HBO series GirlsYou are from New York, therefore you are just naturally interesting.” While I wasn’t entirely compelled based on the notion that I would become “more interesting" upon moving, I was more curious than anything else... I observed there is a certain sub species that is able to dwell and survive here. This unbelievably heterogeneous city requires a unique level of adaptation. It doesn’t take an anthropologist to realize that once you step foot here, you will inevitably become impatient, short-tempered, outspoken, and aggressive. But you will also become motivated, independent, hard working, unafraid, and ambitious. You will be, well, different. That New Yorker attitude. So that's what got to me...

Even if it means flipping off taxicabs when I’m clearly jaywalking, experimenting with funky fusion cuisines and then spending the night in the bathroom, riding the subway with a man who claims to be Obama's long lost brother, strolling through Central Park during a blizzard, running through Times Square in the rain with your best friend, falling in 5” heels onto cobblestones trying to get into the hottest clubs, encountering the most eccentric people who prefer not to wear clothes in public (only to warrant a slight smirk and a “this shit only happens in New York City”).  This kind of open-mindedness and carefree spirit is what I love about the city. It’s ok to be stupid as long as you’re having fun and learning. I guess that’s the part that makes us “interesting.” New York City is a different story for everyone—often one with a happy ending (pun could be intended for my slightly perverted friends). We might adopt some irreparable idiosyncrasies during our time here, but it’s all worth the exciting adventure. So quote me if I’m not wrong … New York City is fucking where it’s at. And that's why I'm still here. 

Thanks to Lucas Huang and Liang Kuang for the fun day of shooting! Go check out their work! :) 

Dress: Pencey // Belt: H&M // Clutch: Alexander McQueen // Shoes: Alexander Wang
(Kinda like a New Yorker, this dress is made out of a little bit of everything. Some (habotai) silk, velvet, jersey, and mesh.)

Jam of the Day 

Ed Sheeran (famous for his hit “A-Team") does a cover of “Empire State of Mind.” All I gotta say… two words… British. Accent.  

(If you can't see the embedded YouTube video, click on the title link)



  1. What model is your sunglasses??

    1. sorry for the delayed reply! here's the link to the exact model: