April 29, 2013

She Stole My Shirt

A spring look I gotta say should be more prevalent is that "borrowed", oversized button down. Otherwise better known as "the boyfriend shirt" look. If you want to accentuate your feminine curves while maintaining that boyishness, I say buy a boxy cut that's made out of a lighter material (mine's made of silk de chine, it gives off a slight matted shine...pardon my oxymoron), stick to a crisp white color, and keep the detailing at a minimal. This shirt I'm wearing is from Reformation. What's cool about them is that they reuse vintage and surplus materials to create an environmentally sustainable collection. We like brands that aim to save the world.

One more fascination... I've recently been drawn to menswear --finding myself perusing through the men's section more often. I can't tell if it's because women's casual wear has plateaued recently or if it's just because I'm bored...probably both. Men's sweaters, t-shirts, and button downs are just way more fun this season around. Maybe there's some sort of excitement in exploring outside the norm or maybe I'm waiting for there to be more unisex brands. Whatever it is, it's sexy.

Photos by Winnie Tso from Winnie&Marcus

Shirt: Reformation // Jacket: Zara // Shorts: TopShop // Espadrilles: Chanel // Bag: Chanel // Belt: TopShop // Bangle: Rachel Zoe // Necklaces: Brand Melville and J.Crew // Hat: Rag&Bone // Sunglasses: RayBan 

Also, stay tuned this week for more pictures from my last shoot with Lucas Huang and Liang Kuang. Oh and as promised... Mike in a Speedo :P

Jam of the Day

(I love these Take Away Shows by La Blogotheque on YouTube, check out one of my favorite songs from The Lumineers, enjoy!) 

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