October 25, 2017

Toot it & Boot It - Me in my Clarks

In partnership with Clarks...

They say once you have found a pair of comfortable boots, it's like finding love all over again. When I told friends I was partnering with Clarks, they would have never imagined me walking into a Clarks store -- presumably associating the brand with an older British countryside-type audience. But that's where they were wrong. Clarks has a history of making some of the most iconic pop culture boots to date. Rappers back in the day would don the infamous Clarks' Wallabees, Drake is still a fan. As of today, I have broken my Clarks cherry and have been converted. The soles are like memory foam for my feet. The sturdy leather seems incredibly durable, too, for these insane Downtown LA sidewalks. A comfortable pair of well-crafted boots is a commodity these days.

I paired these Trace Fawn boots with a flower patterned silk dress from Zara and since I haven't combed my hair in like three days, there's a 6-panel Supreme hat to match.

On a side note - I hosted my first event last week as a blogger (at the Santa Monica store) and the social anxiety got me a little bit to be completely honest. I'm really awkward when I'm put into situations that involve a lot of small (not a forte of mine, for sure) ... But I've learned these kinds of of small talk is so necessary -not only for business, but to get to know more people on a different level... you just never know who you might click with. That very same realization helped me become more confident during the event. I met a handful of other really dedicated girls in this blogger space. I'm excited for more of these opportunities to come. Stay tuned on Instagram! Xoxo

Boots: Clarks - Trace Fawn in Black 
Pajama style Dress: Zara
Windbreaker Jacket: Adidas
Hat: Supreme 
Earrings: COS 


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