December 10, 2017

The Holidaze with H&M #sponsored

I had so much fun making this video featuring some holiday outerwear styles with H&M!

The coat in the video is sold out!
The silver puffer can be found here: H&M Padded Jacket in Silver
The purple dress can be found here (it's on sale!): H&M Purple draped dress

I've really into louder, playful colors this season. It might be my slight obsession with 90s fashion these past months that have drawn my taste towards a broader color palette. That also has translated to my instagram feed now. I know a lot of bloggers tend to go for a muted tone to represent high fashion, but life is full of so many beautiful colors. My artistic direction with my feed has never been cohesive (something I've found reflects my unpredictable and constantly changing moods and personalities, or maybe inability to commit to one, who knows?) but I think I've finally found a theme I can see myself going forward with for a long time. I've begun to find that when working with brands, this cohesive nature is important because brands will know what to expect when it comes to aesthetics for paid sponsorships. As much as I refused to corner myself with one tone, I find it's actually helped my blogging career to stick to one. I can't say the same with style though, as my style will forever be according to how I'm feeling that day. 

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