April 25, 2013

I'm Not a Model But I Pose A Lot

First things first, I have to give some major props to models because it's hard posing in front of a camera and actually have it come out nice. I can't help but feel guilty for all the times in high school I spent making fun of the ANTM girls who cried after getting reprimanded by the great Jay Manuel (girls, you know what I'm talking about). Thankfully, I had Lucas and Liang Kuang directing me during the shoot and didn't need to waste a mascara touch up. Story goes, I went to a party one night in a club that Lucas was photographing for and he asked if I wanted to experiment with some fashion shots in the streets. As that is right up my alley, I agreed right away... and had a great time. Check out Lucas's work here (www.lucashuangphotography.com) and Liang Kuang's here 

I've worn these silk track pants way too many times lately. I appreciate pants with shape that don't make you look like a million pounds. As for this Sylvia Rielle top, I got it at a boutique called Mint Julep in the Lower East Side. You can't go wrong with a structured top and a flowy bottom. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Silk Track Pants: Zara // Top: Sylvia Rielle // Shoes: Christian Louboutin // Ring: street stall in Bangkok 

Jam of the Day

For all you old school junkies :P 

(Is it me or is Kid Cudi Craig Mack's long lost brother?)

(If you can't see this embedded youtube video, click on the title link)